March 23, 2107


Stories from this week's show:

  • County Council takes more time with farmland amendments to resolve mapping error | YouTube
  • What’s an Ad Hoc Committee and what does it do? | YouTube
  • Sewer permitting moves to Pierce County Annex, impacts University Place and Lakewood | YouTube
  • From IRS scams to exploiting power of attorney, tips to protect seniors | YouTube
  • Sneak peek! See the new County website before it launches March 31st | YouTube
  • Remembering Tacoma’s famous hometown golfer Ken Still | YouTube
  • Puyallup seniors show how woodcarving keeps them sharp | YouTube
  • Pierce County honors 18 groups, 60 people for volunteering this year | YouTube
  • Pierce County Parks & Recreation: Backpacking class, Family Bingo Night | YouTube