April 10, 2014

Stories from this Special Report:

  • Washington's Search & Rescue Team comes home after 11 day deployment | YouTube
  • FEMA's WATF-1 deployed to first local disaster | YouTube
  • Pierce County's aid to Oso during the first week | YouTube
  • How K-9 search teams are helping the rescue effort | YouTube
  • GIS technology helps searchers find victims faster | YouTube
  • Unincorporated property owners can assess risk on their land with County's Lidar data | YouTube
  • County officials discuss threat of a catastrophic Mt. Rainier event | YouTube
  • Medical Examiner staff help at Snohomish County coroner's office | YouTube
  • Pierce County pilot rescues 4-year-old boy from mudslide | YouTube
  • Oso community feels support from the region | YouTube