October 2, 2014

Stories from this week's show:

  • Relive the homecoming when search & rescue members returned home from 9/11 | YouTube
  • See how search & rescue teams receive structural training | YouTube
  • Look back at Pierce County's role in the Oso mudslide recovery | YouTube
  • WATF-1 search members come home from Oso | YouTube
  • Watch K-9's and their handlers during tube training | YouTube
  • Pierce Transit holds largest anti-terrorism drill in Pierce County | YouTube
  • Robots are tested in a chemical drill at the Port of Tacoma | YouTube
  • Puyallup examines lessons learned in 1980’s Columbian volcanic event | YouTube
  • It's time to gear up for winter and be prepared for storm season | YouTube
  • First responders learn new strategies in active shooter drill | YouTube