Education & Awareness

Puget Sound Hospital

Bittersweet: Puget Sound Hospital

Follow the history, rise and demise of Puget Sound Hospital through the lens of demolition.
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Fort Lewis

History of Fort Lewis

The U.S. Army’s Fort Lewis (JBLM) celebrates a century of service in 2017.
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Agritourism: Connecting Farms, Food & Fun

Learn more about agritourism opportunities that farmers are implementing in Pierce County, Washington.
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Pierce County Agriculture - The Faces of Farming

This video showcases our colorful agricultural roots from yesteryear to today. It introduces viewers to some of the Pierce County farmers who are working to preserve this way of life.
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Jury Duty

Did you get the "Blue Card"? Here's what you do next!
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The Healing Bridge

This moving story documents the Hilltop Artists students building a glass art display for the Mary Bridge Children's Hospital in Tacoma.
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Arts Connect Program

See the lives of court involved girls transformed in this Rainier Country story featuring the Arts Connect program and Hilltop Artists organization.
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Public Works & Utilities - Pavement Maintenance

Taking care of the Pierce County road system is Public Works & Utilities most important responsibility.
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Roadside Maintenance - The Hit Truck

This crew helps keep the roads, shoulders and ditches clean and safe.
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Public Works & Utilities - Vegetation Management

Road operations makes sure that vegetation is maintained and drivers have a clear view.
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Snow and Ice Control

Learn how Pierce County Public Works and Utilities prepares for a winter storm and how the department works around the clock to keep the roads clear after a snow fall.
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Pierce County Road Operations - Roadside Storm Drainage and Maintenance

Supervisor Bruce Wagner takes us through the process of keeping Pierce County's roadsides and catch basins free and clear of roadside debris.
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Pierce County Road Crew - Chip Seal

Watch how Pierce County road crews apply a new chip seal. Plus learn why the County chooses this method of pavement preservation and what kind of road is the best candidate.
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Alzheimer's & Dementia: You Are Not Alone

A 10-minute program to help families and caregivers in Pierce County recognize the signs of Alzheimer's. Learn about adult day care programs, the social and medical services they offer and the support groups for caregivers. Hosted by Pierce County Aging and Disability Resources.
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Welcome to Jury Duty

Find out what to expect on your first day of this important civic duty.
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Solid Waste Videos

Learn how to build a food composting bin and see results of the solid waste audit.

How To Build A Foodwaste Compost Bin

Step-by-step instructions on how to construct your own Compost Worm Bin produced in cooperation with Pierce County Public Works and Utilities.
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Solid Waste Audit

Last year, 375,000 tons of waste from Pierce County homes, schools, offices, stores and factories went to the landfill. This works out to 3.5 pounds of garbage per person per day. This video looks at the results of Solid Waste Audit that shows there is recycling and diversion potential.
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