Aging Wisely

Aging Wisely

Aging Wisely

is a program that explores ways to help seniors be safe and independent in Pierce County, Washington.

This show is a four-part series that provides information from experts on topics you need to know.  Be sure to check out each program to gather valuable advice.

Aging Wisely - Aging in Place

The ability to stay in your home as you age requires pre-planning. In this episode we visit a home and learn about the most common changes people need to make. We also invite two experts to share about which rooms and remodel projects are best done first, and other things to consider like access to transportation and proximity to social programs including churches and community centers.

Previous Episodes

Aging Wisely - Caregivers

Most caregivers don’t call themselves caregivers – but they're taking care of a spouse, parents, or helping someone special.  But they are giving care.  We'll explore all the responsibilities of family caregiving - both the medical needs and the demands on your personal time. Also, stay tuned for information about resources available for caregivers.

Aging Wisely – Hearing, vision and dental health

We'll explore how seniors are impacted by poor dental health, problems with vision, and loss of hearing. These are three important services that Medicare does not cover for most older adults. Get tips from local doctors in Pierce County and learn more about what you can do.

Aging Wisely – Scams, fraud & identity theft

Don't be a victim of scams, fraud and identity theft! See how easy it is to be scammed over the phone. Learn the basics to protect yourself and your information.