Pierce County Talks

The headlines can give us a quick look at the day's news, but sometimes the headlines aren't enough. Sometimes we need to take a few extra minutes to consider the facts, understand context and weigh options.

Pierce County Talks

is PCTV's talk/discussion program that explores topical
issues with the people involved.

Episode 46

Pierce County Executive Bruce Dammeier and County Council Chair Doug Richardson cover funding priorities like behavioral health, affordable housing, and biennial budgeting.

Episode 45

Are you tired of the long commute to Seattle? New companies and jobs could be headed to the South Sound in 2019, with an opportunity to grow the technology sector. We'll dive into the decision by Pierce County leaders to offer a $275 job credit to employers.

Episode 44

There is 21 miles of Foothills Trail to enjoy in Pierce County. See the coolest parts of the new section from South Prairie to Buckley. And hear the latest construction plans for other trail connections in Puyallup, University Place and Tacoma.

Episode 43

Lake Tapps is a fantastic spot for boating and swimming, but its frigid water is responsible for drownings nearly every year.  Hear from experts to find out what to know before you head to the lake

Episode 42

Pierce County isn’t immune to the Opioid Crisis. For County officials and medical professionals, the challenge of stopping this problem is daunting but not out of reach. Find out what new strategies Pierce County is trying.

Episode 41

Hear from the mayor and fire chief of the City of DuPont, as they debrief major decisions happening behind the scenes in the city, after an Amtrak train derailed over Interstate 5 in December 2017, on an inaugural route between Tacoma and Olympia.

Episode 40

Puyallup, Sumner & University Place are experiencing an economic boom as new businesses move in. Find out what’s coming and the planning that happens behind the scenes.

Episode 39

Ways to prepare for winter weather and natural disasters.

And meet the new Fife City Manager, and learn about the city’s future transportation plans.
Episode 38
A derelict property that welcomes drug activity and crime - the Pierce County Council passed a new ordinance to speed up the cleanup process.

And Councilwoman Pam Roach formed a new Outdoor Sports Council to increase access to outdoor recreation.

Episode 37

Prescription pain killers and heroin are at the center of an opioid crisis. See what the Pierce County Council is doing at the local level.

And Sumner is replacing a 90 year old bridge, and planning for other changes in the city.

Episode 36

What’s the timeline for the Puget Sound Hospital demolition?

And what are the big-ticket items as Pierce County’s budget season gets underway.

Episode 35

Pierce County Elections has a new election system. Does that change how you vote and how ballots are counted?

And if you enjoy using Lake Tapps, what you need to know about more boating patrols this summer.

Episode 34

Do you love fireworks, or hate them? They're a popular part of celebrations on the Fourth of July, but tougher restrictions are changing where and when we can use them.

Plus, there's 10 farmers markets in Pierce County. From cooking demos to live entertainment, see the newest trends at your local market.

Episode 33

Pierce County's homeless survey numbers give us a glimpse of who is homeless and why.

And real estate in Pierce County is booming... how are buyers and sellers affected and what it means for the County’s planning department.

Episode 32

We discuss the details of the new South Hill Neighborhood Plan, and learn about improvements coming to Puyallup's Shaw Road.

Plus, what's an ad hoc committee, and how does it influence County Council decisions.

Episode 31

The Pierce County Council recently adopted new flood plain maps. If you live next to water, your home might require flood insurance.

Plus - you may have received a property assessment recently from the County Assessor-Treasurer. We'll look at 2017 trends.

Episode 30

2017 brings some changes to Pierce County government. We have a new Pierce County Executive and leadership team and a brand new member of the Pierce County Council. We'll hear from them about their visions, goals and perceptions as they begin the work of their new positions.

Episode 29

Funding for public safety and court services takes priority in Pierce County's 2017 budget. Find out what your tax dollars will pay for, including more sheriff deputies. And Tourism is big business in Pierce County. Learn about promotional plans for 2017 and beyond.

Episode 28

Some weather forecasters have predicted a more windy and wet winter. We discuss how to prepare for winter's inevitable curve balls. Plus our lahar warning system is getting some technological upgrades over the next couple of years.

Episode 27

On the show we visit with the candidates for Pierce County Executive. Bruce Dammeier and Rick Talbert talk about their views and plans.

Episode 26

With police involved shootings and the targeting of police officers by gunman, citizens and law enforcement across the country are feeling tense and insecure. How do we rebuild the communication and trust between the community and police?

Episode 25

Chambers Creek is a great regional park and now the acreage on the south is set for development.

And the Pierce County Fair has a new manager, we'll talk about what's new for 2016.

Episode 24

Making a real difference in the lives of domestic violence victims, the Crystal Judson Family Justice Center celebrates it's tenth anniversary.

Also, Puyallup citizens and officials discuss homelessness in the city.

Episode 23

Pierce County looks at a project in the Lincoln District to save money, while also helping South Sound 911 and the Health Department.

We'll examine the cost, common questions from public meetings, and what it means for the neighborhood.

Episode 22

Burglary and theft top the list of Pierce County crime and a new Sheriff's unit is tasked with bringing those numbers down.

Also, new Homeland Security rules have record numbers of people applying for passports - what you should know.

Episode 21

The Pierce County Council is prioritizing the issues they'll address this year. Hear from Council Chair Doug Richardson and Councilmember Rick Talbert.

Then, what is the Charter Review Commission and what power do they have to change your local government? We'll speak with two commissioners and learn how you can get involved.

Episode 20

Pierce County has a new budget for 2016. Erich Ebel talks with County Council Chair Dan Roach about what programs and services got funding.

Plus, Fantasy Lights at Spanaway Park. We've got the inside scoop on what's new this year and when to arrive to avoid the crowds.

Episode 19

Is Pierce County prepared for an active shooter? Erich Ebel speaks with Pierce County Sheriff Paul Pastor and Mike McCaffrey from the Department of Emergency Management.

Then, hear about the Pre-Trial Services Program that lets low-risk defendants out of jail early.